End-User License Agreement, the Desktop Version

When you purchase fonts, you are purchasing the right to use those fonts under a particular set of conditions as outlined below. This is a binding contract and becomes effective when you access, download, install, or otherwise use the fonts. If you believe your usage or need is not addressed, or if you are unsure of the meaning of any term or condition, please ask before making a purchase.


What you are purchasing is a non-exclusive license to use Samarskaya & Partners’ fonts in a specific way. You are not purchasing the copyright to the fonts or their designs, only the permission to use the fonts in the ways described in this agreement.


This license covers the use of the fonts by a specific number of users, on a specific number of computers, in a single business entity. If a computer is shared by more than one person, each additional person will count as an additional user. You can extend your license at any time, which allows you to use the fonts on additional computers or by additional users.

Third Parties

This license may not be shared by multiple companies, such as between a designer and client, or by individuals, such as two designers working independently. Any clients, business partners, independent contractors, freelancers or third parties are required to purchase their own licenses in order to use the fonts.

PDF Files

You may embed the fonts into an PDF that you send to a third party for only for the purposes of proofing or reproduction provided that document is read-only (allows no editing). You many not embed the fonts in a PDF for public distribution without first obtaining written permission from Samarskaya & Partners or purchasing the proper license extension.


The fonts may not be embedded in Flash, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Pages, Keynote, Numbers or any other editable or dynamic document files.

Commercial Printers

If necessary, you may send a copy of the fonts to a commercial printer or service bureau only if they agree to use it exclusively for your document and destroy any copies of the fonts when the job is completed. If they are providing typesetting services or editing the document they must purchase their own license.

Letterform Creation Products

You may not use the fonts, or the designs embedded within, on any alphabet or letterform-related products, or letterform creation products or devices, such as scrap-booking and signage products that involve reproduction of individual letterforms without first obtaining written permission from Samarskaya & Partners or purchasing the proper license extension.

Web Use

This license is for desktop use of the fonts only. For web use, you can acquire an appropriate license from our partners at webtype.com.

Use in Software or Hardware

This license expressly prohibits the embedding, inclusion, calling or linking of the fonts within hardware and software in any form whatsoever. Including, but not limited to: mobile apps, eBooks, video games, server-side applications, online document creation, kiosks, and OEM products or software. (Rasterized images of limited text and/or logos created using the fonts are permitted.) If you wish to use the fonts for software or hardware embedding, please contact Samarskaya & Partners to purchase the proper license extension.


You may not create or help create modified versions of the fonts without first obtaining written permission from Samarskaya & Partners. You further agree not to commission or authorize any third party to undertake such modifications without prior written consent from Samarskaya & Partners.

Troubleshooting and Refunds

Samarskaya & Partners will do everything in its power to help you resolve any technical difficulties you may have with the fonts. If, after all reasonable attempts to solve the issue are made, you are still unsatisfied with the performance of the fonts, we will refund your money and terminate this license, which will be the limit of our liability. Due to the digital nature of the fonts, Samarskaya & Partners can not offer refunds for any other reason.


This license is effective until terminated, upon which you will destroy any copies of the fonts including back-ups. Samarskaya & Partners has the right to terminate it immediately if you fail to comply with any terms described here, and reserves the right to claim punitive damages.

Samarskaya & Partners